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Automation Device



JNH PRESS’s automation system seeks customer satisfaction by supplying the optimal automation system to cold forging, warm forging, hot forging, and forming press forming line.

Automated System control of JNH PRESS

  • Application of control method considering SMART FACTORY configuration
  • Support customer by solving problems through remote PLC connection
  • Preventive inspection of major areas by outputting an active inspection request message
  • Minimized manpower by applying unmanned system
  • Control screen tailored to the customer’s language requirements

Schematic control method based on touch screen


  • Constructs an efficient line that applies the highest level of cutting line and press
  • TURN KEY BASIS ‘specialized PROJECT
  • Highly complete PROJECT in a minimum time with accumulated experience and data for many years

Configuration that actively reflects the customer’s situation and requirements


  • Maximize the production capacity of our press
  • Safer and more convenient operation through press and organic control
  • Pursuit of management convenience through integrated UTILITY and control system
  • Unified post management system

Quick ITEM change by applying Q.D.C system


  • SPEED that can maximize the production capacity of PRESS
  • Durability is secured by applying the structure and sealing considering the harsh environment of the hot forging process
  • Adoption of motion control method to effectively control multiple servos
  • Minimized refueling management department by applying MIDDLE FEED BAR automatic tightening system

Shock absorber applied to minimize the transmission to the drive part of the impact caused by the process error

Auto loader / Unloader

  • Complete automatic line configuration at minimum cost
  • Possible to produce sequential transfer method suitable for production items composed of 3 processes
  • Direct press fastening method: minimum space, ensuring accurate transfer without shaking
  • Interlocking method with automatic servo release agent injection device
  • Easy operation and error-free press and interlock with integrated press, electric, and machine
  • Positioning and change of transfer length before, after, up and down: simple setting change