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D-Type Double Knuckle Press

D-Type Double Knuckle Press

JDKJ 160 / 200 / 250 / 300 / 350 / 400

The strong frame which is desighed by heavy bed for high precision


At the point of tonnage rating, it keeps pressing to optimize forging productions as well as the cut-face is very excellent.

▪ HIGH STRENGTH FRAME : It is designed strong enough to stand concerated stress on the center of frame when compressing
▪ USE SPECIAL MEDAL ON THE LINK PART: It is guaranted for long life expentacny by using specialized-alloy-metal
▪ LOCKING DEVICE: Zero clearance of locking device to realize the zero clearance on the part of slide adjust
▪ EXTERNAL TYPE OF AIR CLUTCH BREAK: It is easy maintenance as outer-mounted air cluth
▪ AUTO LUBRICATION OR OIL FEEDING: It feeds proper oil or lubrication to PRESS at the same time PRESS operates.