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H-Type Single Knuckle Press

JSKJ Series

JSKJ 80 / 110 / 160 / 200 / 250 / 300 / 350

The single side knuckle press of the H-type high rigidity frame completely solved the front flaring phenomenon of the C type press.
It is suitable for machining where a concentrated load occurs with 1 point, has excellent dynamic precision, is suitable for automation work with a large bed area, and of course, it is highly productive for manual work.


The slide stops while maintaining the pressing force on the bottom dead center, maximizing the formability of the material and the shear surface of the thick plate is also excellent.

▪ Use of special metal for the knuckle part: Guarantee the life of the knuckle part by applying special metal alloy metal
▪ High-precision guide: Plunger guide application greatly reduces vibration when punching, extending mold life
▪ Excellent workability: It is possible to realize a clean shear surface even for thick material thick plate processing.
▪ Center slide and wide separating plate: strong against eccentric load and easy to change specifications
▪ Intensive lubrication type, circulating automatic lubrication device

Smart controller
It is designed to provide all operating information at a glance, from the size of the current press working load, the pressing speed per minute of the press (SPM), the operating temperature of the drive inside the press, and the operating load of the main motor.

Press to memorize the mold
If you press the preset mold number after changing the mold, the press adjusts the die height of the installed mold by itself, allowing you to quickly change the mold and prevent accidents caused by malfunctions.

Smart Road Monitor
The current, average, and peak values ​​of the load applied by the press are saved as data so you can check them whenever you need them.

Self-diagnosis and action guide
When an unexpected error occurs while the press is working, it is possible to find the cause and action method and guide the operator to take prompt action, prevent safety accidents and maximize productivity.

Equipped with smart manual
The press’s basic operation sequence is guided through visual effects, and if an incorrect operation is executed, it can be immediately checked, thereby preventing safety accidents due to malfunctions in advance.

Smart monitoring system
It supports a smart factory system that can remotely monitor press equipment status, work status, production quantity, and operating time.


JSKJ-80 80 130 | 60 55~65 | 130~150 350 80 750x500 900x600 7.5x4
JSKJ-110 110 150 | 70 35~55 | 120~140 450 90 900x500 1100x700 11x4
JSKJ-160 160 200 | 70 35~45 | 110~130 500 100 1000x500 1300x700 15x4
JSKJ-200 200 250 | 80 20~35 | 80~100 500 110 1200x750 1400x800 19x4
JSKJ-250 250 250 | 100 20~35 | 60~80 550 120 1300x800 1500x900 22x4
JSKJ-300 300 250 | 100 20~30 | 40~60 600 120 1400x800 1600x900 30x4
JSKJ-400 400 250 | 200 25~30 | 35~45 600 120 1500x800 1700x1000 45x4
JSKJ-500 500 250 | 200 20~35 | 35~45 600 120 1500x800 1700x1000 45x4